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Senior Pet Care

Do you remember the extra care your pet needed when they were a puppy or kitten? Well, this is the first time since your forever friend's younger years that extra veterinary care is needed to make sure they are healthy and disease-free.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Just like puppies and kittens, a senior pet's immune system gradually weakens, so it is critical to keep a closer eye on changing health trends and age-related conditions. This will protect them from various health risks such as diabetes, blindness, arthritis, dementia, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer and more.

If you schedule regular wellness visits for your senior sweetheart, there is no need to fret! This will help them live the longest life possible with optimal wellness. At Hiram Animal Hospital, we recommend senior pet owners to bring their pet in at least twice a year for preventive health screenings and care. Keep in mind, your pet may appear perfectly healthy, but that does not guarantee the absence of disease and illness.

At Hiram Animal Hospital, we commonly perform the following tests for a healthy and happy senior pet:

Bloodwork detects countless conditions we cannot detect during a physical exam. These tests are effective in identifying age-related conditions such as liver and kidney failure, diabetes, infections and anemia.

X-Rays pinpoint arthritis and cancer, which is not always detectable during a wellness exam or lab work.

Urinalysis is a simple test that can be analyzed in minutes, commonly identifying conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, urinary tract infections and urinary tract tumors. Please let us know if you notice a change in your pet's urine (color, odor or amount), if your pet is struggling to urinate or if they are have accidents.

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